Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dragon Mistress, Elethia. Process.

Thought that it'd be fun to share my process on my most recent painting.

Sketchbook thumbnail

Since comp is worked out, i start drawing over it to design the character.

Go into grey scale and start to figure out the values some more.

Start to add color. This step took me a couple of tries since i was over thinking how it was going to look in the end instead of how i'm going to build it. So starting over was the best choice and taught me to be more aware and to not be afraid to kill something when it's not working.


Everything felt too light so threw in some big dark shapes to better show where the light was coming from. Also really wanted to hide the dragon and make him apart of the background, some. Didn't want to make him too noticeable at first glance. 

Don't be afraid to get some help, +Christian Angel  really helped me figure out the lighting some more, along with color.

Making more changes, pushing edges/detail.

(Also when i started to use reference) Finally the finished piece! 

In conclusion, don't be afraid to start over, make some changes, use reference,and get some help. <3